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01. 8v-36v adaptive wide voltage input range, ultra-low power consumption design, suitable for all kinds of cars and carts;

02. Professional on-board power supply protection design, not hot, with international standard power polarity reverse circuit protection and high voltage protection;

03. H.264 compression mode, high resolution 1920x1080; (including video input, output and recording resolution)

04. Support UPS Technology to ensure that the data is not damaged in case of abnormal power failure, so as to timely and completely save the event process in case of emergencies;

05. With automatic trigger display function; (when the vehicle is turned or engaged in reverse gear, the screen will automatically switch to display the corresponding screen)

06. Support mixed input of HD ahd1080p, 720p, CVBS and other video formats;

07. Support multiple disk circular storage, main code stream storage, small code stream image storage and other storage strategies;

08. SD supports 512g memory card recording at most, and the hard disk supports 4T 2.5-inch hard disk at most

09. Support Chinese and English language menus (support customization of other language menus)

10. Support to turn on or off OSD overlay character function (time, date, channel number, vehicle information, etc.)

11. Advanced bare disk + pre partitioned storage technology solves the problem of easy damage caused by unbalanced disk writing, file fragmentation caused by repeated erasure, data loss caused by memory file system crash, unable to find memory and file scrambling, data loss caused by time disorder, and ensures the integrity and effectiveness of data, The data is stored in a special way to solve the problem of data confidentiality;

12. Support online playback of video files, computer playback and app remote playback;

13. Support each camera picture, and the left and right image function can be set independently;

14. Support GPS / BD / G-sensor module expansion; Remote monitoring (real-time video, monitoring, intercom, broadcast, video query, playback and download) can be realized through 3G / 4G / WiFi;

Product features:

◆ Hisilicon hi3521a V100 solution, H.264 compression mode, multi stream recording, providing up to 1080p 2 million HD video effect.

◆ Real Time HD video recording, 1080p / 720p / D1 / HD1 / CIF optional, frame rate and image quality adjustable;

◆ professional on-board power supply design, 8-36v DC wide voltage input; Overload \ undervoltage \ short circuit \ reverse connection and other protection circuits are suitable for all kinds of vehicles;

◆ provide 12VDC power output, which can supply constant voltage power for multiple peripheral equipment such as camera and small screen;

◆ it supports hard disk (up to 4T) and SD (up to 512g) card recording, which can completely resist data damage caused by vibration and dust on the vehicle, so that the product can adapt to the bad road conditions that most products cannot adapt to;

◆ watchdog abnormal restart function protection, which can better protect the machine and video;

◆ exclusive bare disk storage technology to solve the problem of easy data loss in standard file system storage;

◆ flameout delay video recording function (the time can be set up to 24 hours);

◆ power off protection function in case of accident: special UPS Technology is adopted, so that the machine can still work normally for 3-5 seconds after cutting off the external power supply, so as to ensure the integrity of video files and facilitate accident query

◆ display and record vehicle driving status, license plate, line, ultra / low speed and other vehicle information for convenient management;

◆ support GPS / BD, 3G / 4G module expansion (optional); can expand WiFi hotspot;

◆ strong network function, supporting TTX platform;

◆ remote support for audio and video monitoring, two-way voice intercom, manual alarm, overspeed alarm, cross-border and line deviation alarm;

◆ 4-way alarm input (door opening and closing, light, steering, braking and reversing, various types can be configured), which can linkage a variety of responses;

◆ 2-way alarm output, supporting linkage audible and visual alarm, oil cut-off and power cut-off

◆ highly reliable aviation head input and output interface, convenient installation and plug-in, and stronger seismic performance;

◆ the system interface is smooth, intuitive and perfect;

◆ powerful client program, providing real-time monitoring, monitoring intercom, playback, video recording, high-definition screen capture and other functions;

◆ software upgrade or remote upgrade can be carried out through SD card;

◆ support mobile phone remote monitoring and remote intercom function;



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